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Michelle Kova was born and raised in Denver, Colorado, where she grew up with a strong mixture of Chinese and Russian culture in her household. With her mother being from Malaysia and her father from Russia, she was raised multi-culturally and internationally.


Since she was five years old her desire to perform was strong. She studied and performed to some degree while growing up in Colorado, but with two full time working parents, she was unable to fully pursue an acting career. After high school, she considered moving to Los Angeles to study acting but decided to attend Boston College where she acquired a BS in Finance and a BA in Communications. After graduation, she contemplated working for a firm as a financial analyst, but ultimately gave in to her life’s long passion for performing and moved to New York City.


In New York City, she trained at the T.S. Schreiber Studio and went on to study with Penny Templeton. She has appeared in independent and network films, television series, commercials, and theatrical productions. She also models professionally with many well known clients and is represented by CLICK Models in New York and Wilhelmina Models in LA. Some of her television and film acting credits include an MTV series; Independent feature, "Miles From Home" starring Megan Good; Independent film, "Matt and Gilly", written by Girlfriend’s producer Dee LaDuke, Independent feature, "Colour Blind", ABC’s "Dying to be Perfect", and CBS’s "Guiding Light."


Modeling clients include Glamour Magazine, Jane Magazine, Family Circle Magazine, First Magazine, Dillards, Macy’s, Wal-Mart, Panasonic, Gap, Dockers, Hewlett Packard, Saks Fifth Ave….and more.